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Wife Tourist

By Cash Carraway A few days after the 2015 General Election I became a wife tourist. My daughter and I were evicted from yet another private rental (one that threatened to throw us out as far as Zone 6, or even worse – racist Kent) when I received a text with an offer that no […]

PROP ’72

By London IWOC   On the morning of Friday August 4, 1972, many would have awoken in British prisons with an unusually pronounced sense of apprehension1. Two weeks earlier, Preservation of the Rights of Prisoners (PROP), a newly formed prisoners’ union, had announced that, unless the Home Office were prepared to meet to discuss a […]


Our DOPE 6 subvertising spread is Nick Hayes‘ illustration of a poem by Robert MacFarlane, installed in bus stops around Sheffield. Nick created the work in support of the campaign group Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG), because: 5,500 of Sheffield’s street trees have been chopped down in the last five years – another 12,000 will […]

The Coffee Grind (Through Gritted Teeth)

By Sila Yucel   Working part-time in a cafe to support your creative path is exhausting and stressful. With long shifts, zero-hour contracts and the feeling of being a scapegoat for gentrification in a low-income area (despite your poverty wages), it’s not just the coffee that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. After graduating […]

Land Reform Is Liberation

By Nick Hayes   The historic root of inequality in Britain is the uneven distribution of land, the rights given to those who own it, and the rights taken from those who don’t. Across the country, a network of fence-lines and walls, modern and old, divide up the land into parcels of ownership. These barriers […]

Why I Am an Anarchist

By Benjamin Zephaniah I got political after I suffered my first racist attack at the age of seven. I didn’t understand any political theory, I just knew that I had been wronged, and I knew there was another way. A few years later, when I was fifteen a marked police car pulled up to me […]

The Shit-Head Essence

By Jason Williamson   Where do you draw the line with shit music? The type that has snared, fed and pummelled the carcass of the originator with little or no regard for the millions of nutritious particles that flow through and enrich the imposter’s systems as it stands gimping at itself whilst flogging the fucking […]

Chav Solidarity

By D. Hunter   In November I sent my book “Chav Solidarity” to the printers, the cheapest one I could find on the internet. I ordered a 100 copies, for a third of my monthly wage, and figured I’d sell 50 copies to some comrades and the other 50 would sit around in the front […]

Soon after… BOOM!

Our DOPE 6 covers and centre spread were created by Double Why. The centre spread is also available as a limited edition silk-screen print from our distro site. We recently published Double Why’s debut children’s book – Animal Squat – which you can also pick up from our distro site.   If you enjoyed reading […]