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Anarchy Horsie

Our DOPE 7 subvertising spread is a collaboration between Marco Bevilacqua and OT Pascoe. It takes a quote from Erich Muhsam as its inspiration.  If you enjoyed reading this article online, why not pick up a print copy? Your purchase will help us continue to produce anti-profit publishing – including distributing solidarity DOPE to prisoners […]

Abolish Carceral Society

by Abolition Collective   Abolitionist politics is not about what is possible, but about making the impossible a reality. Ending slavery appeared to be an impossible challenge for Sojourner Truth, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, and others, and yet they struggled for it anyway. Today we seek to abolish a number of […]

Cycle Tracks Will Abound in Utopia

by Alex Marshall   Beast from the East … we’re out there! Hottest summer since records began … we’re out there! Hurricane Nebuchadnezzar or whatever stupid name they have come up with this time … we’re out there! Every time you look outside the window, think “screw it” and decide not to bother going out, […]

Owning It

By Derek Wall    A number of disparate groups and individuals have decided that the path to liberation will come from building the solidarity economy. The solidarity economy involves the creation of a network of cooperatives, social centres, community gardens and grassroots trade unions. This is an economy that works to move the production and […]

The Battle of Algiers 2.0

By Ryan Mahan   Jodi Dean, in her memorial lecture to academic and weird/eerie theorist Mark Fisher, takes Frederic Jameson’s lament (largely attributed to Fisher), “It is easier to imagine the end of the world, than the end of capitalism”, a step further: Capitalism is the end of the world. Look around. Everyone, from arch-capitalist […]

Punk Matters

By Ren Aldridge   Punk is my politics, identity, community and the centre of my life right now, as the front woman of a touring band. I was drawn to its volume, passion and anti-authority politics as a teenager, and it has guided my choices throughout life since. At some point, punk passed me the […]

WHITECHAPEL 1936/1940/1973/1981/1990/2003/2011/2015/2019/2022

By Laura Grace Ford    WhatsApp chats spiralling through Sylhet and Lahore, satellite channels broadcasting from Dawar stalls, splintering temporalities rendered in HD. The city is a constellation of portals, flickering apertures. We drift through multiple selves, multiple zones: the extended Khandan, money transfers, Lebara mobile. But within these circuits, new blocs are mobilising, the […]

Great Anarchists

By Ruth Kinna    I was involved in a conversation about nihilism the other day. I’d been asked to recommend some readings and I included Kropotkin’s Appeal to the Young – a text I’m fond of – in the list. The other members of the group were less familiar with it and less taken with […]


“I don’t regard myself as an artist. I am a craftsman. Fuck art.” Honoured to have our DOPE 7 covers and centre-spread designed by worker and militant anarchist, Clifford Harper.   If you enjoyed reading this article online, why not pick up a print copy? Your purchase will help us continue to produce anti-profit publishing […]

Wife Tourist

By Cash Carraway A few days after the 2015 General Election I became a wife tourist. My daughter and I were evicted from yet another private rental (one that threatened to throw us out as far as Zone 6, or even worse – racist Kent) when I received a text with an offer that no […]