The Rhyming Guide to Voting

by Potent Whisper

I see people banging on, saying that you need to vote
Telling you they’re disappointed, how they “can’t believe” you won’t
Sending you links to videos that tell you facts you “need to know”
But you don’t plan to vote, and I’m gonna tell them why you don’t

Cos the truth is, every politician is the same
Money hungry liars who enjoy a life of fame
They promised this and promised that, they sold us all a dream
And then they did the opposite, got rich and went to leave

They were supposed to represent us, but is that really what they did?
Tell me the last prime minister who didn’t represent the rich
It’s not as if we want a saint, we never needed much
But how can we vote for people that we don’t even trust?!

Plus, even if we did vote, it’s all been pre-decided
The whole thing is fixed by the people who designed it
Those people at the very top will choose whoever they like
But people still wanna spend their time pretending they can try and fight it

The more I see the more it seems we need a revolution
Despite this, most people choose to “play the game”
Instead of getting on with it and being the solution
They attempt to use the system to try and make a change

They choose their favourite party and then become a member
Or try to get selected, to get to the top
To get to be in power, then change the world for better
And now, with Corbyn, we can see if that works … or not.

This is the election when “playing the game” could stop
This is the election you could prove the system’s wrong
You could prove it with one piece of paper
I reckon you could prove it, by voting. For Labour.

Now I know that some of you might think that I’ve lost it
So give me just 2 minutes, I’ll explain my logic:

I always said, I wouldn’t vote if they paid me
That’s what I said before Corbyn said he’d pay me …
£10 per hour, when I’m at work. Minimum
So when he said that, I said well that’s … flippin brilliant

If the minimum wage is raised to £10 an hour
And right now you work 40 hours a week
Then every single month, if Corbyn gets to power
You’ll earn £1,300, after tax, at least

Then of course he plans to stop zero hour contracts
So your boss will have to give you work, if you say you want that
You’d be guaranteed a set amount of hours working, for certain
Cos what’s the point of jobs if you can’t work them?

But also, what’s the point of work without a place to stay and rest?
Workers can’t afford a home and landlords keep on raising rents
But housing is a human right, we shouldn’t just accept that
And that’s why Corbyn will introduce a rent cap

Then that leads to less homeless on the streets
If you’re a student, he’ll scrap all your fees
He’ll fund green energy and smash our climate tests
He’ll cut austerity and get us back our NHS

Corbyn’s been like one of us, for thirty years and more
He’s proved it in the Commons, on the street and in the courts
He stood beside the people; the workers and the poor
And more, he’s always opposed the Right whenever they tried to go to war

Many on the left would say that he’s the best we’ve had
That he’s the best we’ve got now, that he’s the best we’ll have
He murked the game and worked his way further than ever expected
And now he’s a month away from getting elected …

So if − after all of this − he still doesn’t make it
Whether he loses cos the media’s against him
Whether he wins and his own MP’s betray him
For whatever reason, if he can’t deliver changes

Then at least we’ll know, that you can’t beat the game
That the system can’t reform, that it needs to be replaced
If we all vote for him, and still there’s no solutions
Then we’d know − for sure − that we need a revolution

At that stage our future would depend on our reaction
Lay down and die or find new tactics
Break down and cry or design new actions
Atomise or strategise and amalgamate factions

Maybe a loss would kill the left as we know it
Maybe a loss would be a chance to spark new approaches
But not as opposition, not within this system
Maybe we could rise for real and reinvent resistance

But whether he wins or loses, I’ll still remain active
The power always has been and will be with the masses

I build my own future, I don’t have a master
I’ve just got a vote and the chance to get an answer.

That’s why I’m voting for Corbyn.


Potent Whisper is a rapper, spoken word artist and community organiser.
The Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain is available on Dog Section Press.

Illustration by Marco Bevilacqua

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