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Subvertising the Crisis

DOPE 10’s subvertising spread is a collection of Covid-19 crisis related subvertising from Darren Cullen, Double Why, Hogre, Michelle Tylicki and Protest Stencil. If you enjoyed reading this article online, why not pick up a print copy? Your purchase will help us continue to produce anti-profit publishing – including distributing solidarity DOPE to prisoners and […]

How to Write to Prisoners

By Carl Cattermole   If communication was water then the ‘free world’ is like an average British afternoon – the internet is pissing down on our minds. Notification! Email! Ding ding bzz bzz! Prisons, on the other hand, have a micro-climate like Arizona. It’s dry as hell. So, when an officer slides a letter under your door it’s like the rumbling thunder in one of those […]

TEFL Workers of the World Unite!

By David Shewry   We teachers who teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) are often artists, writers, musicians and actors in (poor) disguise; a lot of loony-lefty-bleeding-heart-Corbynite-freethinkers, keen to challenge the status quo, at least when preaching to, or ranting at, the captive audience of the classroom (soapboxes are provided at most language schools). […]

Masked Up: Crisis and Class

By Ben Tippet   We tend to remember big historical moments as images rather than words: people climbing over the Berlin Wall in 1989, the smoke of the twin towers in 2001 and the forlorn faces of bankers leaving their offices for the last time in 2008. It’s unclear yet what images will come to […]


By She Drew The Gun   I’m going to share a couple of poems with you. The first is actually a song; it’s called poem because it started life as one. I’d seen an article about the police being on a drive to get rid of homeless people off the streets in London because they […]

Between Sofas and the Streets

by Hannah Green   My experience of homelessness began in December 2018, when I started suffering with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and only ended very recently. After university, I worked abroad to escape everything familiar. I experienced sexual abuse as a child, and then sexual assault whilst at university, and I had to get […]

Extinction Rebellion, Rinse and Repeat

by Zoe Ereni   I knew someone who found her husband’s brains splattered on the wall. It was my first boyfriend’s mother, and her husband was the father of her eldest son, which isn’t a graceful sentence, but this is a true story. It goes a way to explaining her hopelessness. Like most people I […]

The Conspiracy of Kings, Class War and the Coronavirus

Erica Lagalisse interviews Spartacus Tonans, Supreme Magus of the Kitchen Garden 007˚, author of “Occult Features of Anarchism” (PM Press, 2019) So, is the Coronavirus part of a great global conspiracy? A conspiracy called capitalism. The virus doesn’t need to be manufactured by governments to serve elite interests. States intervene in pandemics not to mitigate […]

New York Will Live

DOPE 10’s covers and centre-spread come from the incredible Molly Crabapple. The front cover was inspired by a busker she saw in New York at the start of the Covid crisis; the centre spread are portraits of musician Kim Boekbinder; and the back cover is a portrait of artist Caroline Caldwell, who has previously written for […]

Fuck Power

Our DOPE 9 subvertising spread is an illustration by Nick Hayes, which comes from a Benjamin Zephaniah article – Why I Am an Anarchist – for DOPE 6 (Summer 2019): “Fuck power, and lets just take care of each other. Most people know that politics is failing. That’s not a theory or my point of […]