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Fuck Power

Our DOPE 9 subvertising spread is an illustration by Nick Hayes, which comes from a Benjamin Zephaniah article – Why I Am an Anarchist – for DOPE 6 (Summer 2019): “Fuck power, and lets just take care of each other. Most people know that politics is failing. That’s not a theory or my point of […]

Hidden Histories and Haunting

By Anastazia Schmid   Fear is a base emotional response to trauma, pain, and uncertainty. As one experiences fear or terror in a paranormal presence, they share the emotional energetic pain that trauma invoked. Epistemic injustice occurs through silencing trauma and human atrocities. That silence allows human rights violations to continue unabated. Ghosts (both those […]

We Clean (We Are Not Dirt)

by Marlene Jimenez   This is based on my experience as a cleaner in London; I assume there is not much difference than in the rest of the world. It is a very important and indispensable work in every aspect but, unfortunately, its value is not recognised – either in monetary, human or social terms. […]

We Are a Chorus

By Lola Olufemi   The struggle is long and requires much from those who wish for more liveable worlds. Feminist thinking offers us a challenge; it pushes us to think beyond the limits of the given – all we have been told is impossible. Feminism is a tool, a frame, an analytic that we can […]

Proper Fucking Thief

DOPE 9’s centre spread is by Stanley fucking Donwood. It fucking speaks for its fucking self.   If you enjoyed reading this article online, why not pick up a print copy? Your purchase will help us continue to produce anti-profit publishing – including distributing solidarity DOPE to prisoners and homeless people.

OK, Boomer?

By Keir Milburn   As the shock of the 2019 general election fades the argument over its wider meaning has begun. While Brexit was the issue that most determined the result, it seems likely that it will lose salience now the UK is certain to leave the EU. It makes sense then to step back […]

To the Front!

By Lucy Katz “WOMEN AND NON-BINARY PEOPLE COME TO THE FRONT!” Wherever we are playing in the world, Dream Nails shows always start with the same rallying battle cry. From my seat behind the drums, I witness a sea of newly empowered gig-goers emerge victorious at the front of the stage, taking up the space […]

Sound System Resistance

By Adam ‘Hylu’ Ainley and Vincent Møystad   Unit 137 is a sound system, a collective of artists who have organised ourselves according to Jamaican & UK sound system culture. We were inspired by going to dances and experiencing what the sound system was capable of doing — my first memory of sound system was […]

Anarchy is Love

By Carne Ross   I used to think that anarchism was “just” a political philosophy. I was wrong. It is much, much more than that. By political philosophy, I mean a way of thinking about politics, institutions and decision-making. How people arbitrate their business with one another, theories of government or, rather, self-government, or the […]

The Time to Panic Is Now

DOPE 9’s covers come from New York City based artist and co-founder of Art in Ad Places, Caroline Caldwell. Caroline has previously written an article for DOPE, and has recently set up the website Rebellious Act.   If you enjoyed reading this article online, why not pick up a print copy? Your purchase will help […]