Fuck Power

Our DOPE 9 subvertising spread is an illustration by Nick Hayes, which comes from a Benjamin Zephaniah article – Why I Am an Anarchist – for DOPE 6 (Summer 2019):

“Fuck power, and lets just take care of each other.

Most people know that politics is failing. That’s not a theory or my point of view. They can see it, they can feel it. The problem is they just can’t imagine an alternative. They lack confidence. I simply blanked out all the advertising, I turned off the ‘tell-lie-vision’, and I started to think for myself. Then I really started to meet people – and, trust me, there is nothing as great as meeting people who are getting on with their lives, running farms, schools, shops, and even economies, in communities where no one has power.

That’s why I’m an Anarchist.”

Photo by Camille Aboudaram.

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